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HumanLink, LLC was founded by Bonnie Kudrick, a pioneer in integrating and promoting the importance of Human Factors in the federal government.  Bonnie established the Human Performance Branch at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The primary factor that ensured success was Bonnie’s ability to lead, listen and extract the specific challenges that government agencies, airlines, airports, vendors, and operators face.  With this understanding came a critical path to overcome those challenges and integrate research and data collection on visual search, fatigue, aptitude assessment, and effectiveness/usability of security systems.  


Bonnie realized that the human is one of the least considered parts of any complex sociotechnical system.  Her advocacy for the user grew stronger, which translated into a growing need for Human Factors expertise within TSA, as well as other government agencies.  Now, as head of the consulting firm of HumanLink, LLC, Bonnie’s focus on transportation security continues with the strategic understanding that new and innovative technologies can only be optimized by including the human in the loop.  The importance of early inclusion of Human Factors inspired Bonnie to create HumanLink, LLC.  Human performance and operational efficiency is achievable by assessing how Human Systems Integration (HSI) can be incorporated in all facets of transportation security.  HumanLink,LLC uses proven methods to focus on providing a strategic approach to examining and integrating physical, social, cognitive and sensory abilities of the user population. 


HumanLink, LLC strives to create strategies that optimize system performance, resulting in improved security effectiveness and efficiency for clients in the United States and in the international transportation community. 

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